Stand Up For The Press And Our Democracy

In the face of an administration whose reality is shaped by alternative facts, the work of journalists and reporters is more important than ever.

President Donald Trump regularly fires off insults and criticisms of the press. He’s constantly crying “fake news” about reporting that’s not friendly to him. He’s threatened to change federal libel laws so that he could sue newsgroups for what he sees is their negative coverage. He’s even floated the idea of jailing reporters.

Now, Trump’s rhetoric is turning personal and violent. He used the pulpit of the Presidency to attack the integrity of Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski.

Trump’s history of attacking the media has far-reaching consequences and is fostering a climate of hostility for journalists and members of the press. Eroding press freedoms and intimidating reporters damages our democracy.

While Trump may want freedom from the press, Nancy is committed to preserving the freedom of the press. Sign up to be a Guardian of our Democracy against Trump’s violent rhetoric.