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Speaker Sam Rayburn served longer. Speaker John W. McCormack shepherded through the Great Society legislation. But Speaker Nancy Pelosi might be the most accomplished and consequential speaker in the modern era on the following basis: The California Democrat passed more major legislation with smaller margins than any of her predecessors (McCormack, for example, had the […]

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Deep into the grueling negotiations over President Joe Biden’s big domestic policy package, when it seemed that bickering among Democrats would never stop, Speaker Nancy Pelosi let everyone in on a little secret. “This,” she confided quite publicly to reporters some time ago, “is the fun part.”

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Almost 15 years ago, Nancy Pelosi wrote her name in the history books as the first female speaker of the House. With the House vote to approve President Joe Biden’s $1 trillion infrastructure package late Friday night, Pelosi has accomplished something else: She is now, without doubt, the most effective — and impactful speaker in […]

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