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SENECA FALLS, N.Y. — House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, the late former first lady Betty Ford and Title IX advocate Bernice Sandler were among the nine women inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame Saturday. The ceremony, attended by about 700 people, was held in Seneca Falls, the western New York village where the […]

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Despite first running for office at age 47, House Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has managed to become the most powerful woman in Washington. It’s been a long road, but with staggering fundraising skills and a political sixth-sense, Pelosi has managed to break gender barriers and force her way into the notorious Old Boys Club […]

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On Wednesday, minority leader of the House of Representatives and all-around badass Nancy Pelosi held the floor in advocacy of Dreamers for more than eight hours. In doing so, she beat out the record for the longest speech in the chamber, made by representative Champ Clark of Missouri in 1909 (he spoke for five hours […]

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