Net Neutrality and Internet Privacy Rules

Net neutrality is the foundation of the dynamism and success of the internet. But Republicans have dismantled net neutrality, and consistently worked to roll back your right to privacy on the internet. House Republicans even voted to allow internet service providers to sell your private browsing history and intimate personal information to anyone with the money to buy it.

With their assaults on the freedom and privacy of the internet, Republicans have pushed forward an anti-consumer, anti-competition agenda that will hurt America’s small businesses, families and economy.

Nancy Fighting Back:

Protect Privacy, Restore Net Neutrality, Advance Broadband Access

Democrats are proposing an Internet users’ Bill of Rights that will grant internet privacy rules for all. We will ensure a free and open internet through net neutrality rules that spur fair competition and do not punish small businesses. We will also ensure every community – urban, suburban and rural – has equal access to high speed internet.