National Security and Gun Safety:

Our first responsibility is to protect and defend the American people. Nancy takes that responsibility seriously. Whether it is combating terrorism, protecting human rights, stopping cyber-attacks, working to put an end to the epidemic of gun violence or defending our democracy from foreign attacks – Nancy is working determinedly to protect America.

Nancy Fighting Back:

Protect Our Democracy

America’s 2016 elections were attacked by a foreign adversary. Our democracy was undermined as the world watched. Ever since then, Democrats have been calling for an outside, independent commission to investigate this foreign assault and prevent it from ever happening again. Nancy and Democrats are fighting Republicans in Congress who’ve been working to cover up Donald Trump’s corruption and launched a smear campaign against Special Counsel Robert Muller, undermining his right to follow the facts wherever they may lead to.

What do the Russians have on Donald Trump politically, financially and personally that he refuses to stand up to Putin and defend our democracy? That is a question Americans from every corner of our country want to know, and we will not stop pressing for answers.

End Gun Violence

The failure to address the atrocious gun violence epidemic claiming 91 people every day in America and terrorizing our children’s schools must come to an end. We need strengthened background checks – which are supported by 97 percent of Americans including gun owners – to keep guns away from those who shouldn’t have them.