CNN: House votes to restore net neutrality rules

The House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a bill to restore net neutrality protections that were repealed by President Donald Trump’s Federal Communications Commission in a controversial move more than a year ago. The bill, called the Save the Internet Act, would reinstate protections that require internet service providers to treat all online content the same. […]

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New York Times: What Happens When Women Stop Leading Like Men

It has been another bad inning for male leadership. Besides the hourly flatulence of Trumpian twitterings and the addition of Brazil’s Bolsonaro to the confederacy of bullyboy power, we have been treated to a second wave of masculine mayhem. The reputations of the Patriots owner Robert Kraft, R. Kelly, the philanthropist Michael Steinhardt and even […]

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ABC: House Democrats pass equal pay for equal work act

Ten years after President Barack Obama signed the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act into law, House Democrats voted Wednesday to approve the Paycheck Fairness Act, delivering one of the cornerstone pieces of their “For the People” agenda to the Republican-led Senate. The vote passed 242-187, primarily down partisan lines, as the full Democratic caucus voted in favor of the bill […]

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ROLL CALL — Nancy Pelosi: the Democratic Party’s undisputed leader

OPINION — For most of the last campaign cycle, Republican ad-makers treated then-House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi like a piñata. They used her name and image in thousands of GOP television spots around the country, trying to turn the midterm election into a referendum on her liberalism and “San Francisco values.” That effort failed, of course, because […]

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The Reviews Are In: The #TrumpBudget is Cruel and Attacks Working Families

The reviews are in. From gutting billions from Medicare, Medicaid to slashing education and other key initiatives, headlines across the country underscore the #TrumpBudget for what it is — a callous roadmap to a sicker and weaker America.  CNBC: Trump pledged to protect Medicare and Medicaid, but his 2020 budget calls for major spending cuts New York Times: Trump Lauded […]

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