Politico: Why Pelosi is so good at infuriating Trump

Something about Nancy Pelosi just gets under Donald Trump’s skin. On Wednesday, for the third time in barely six months, a meeting between the president, the speaker and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer blew up in spectacular fashion. And in each case, Trump handed Pelosi a huge gift, a priceless moment that helped unify the […]

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Buzzfeed: Conservatives Are Freaking Out Over An LGBT Bill That Passed The House

The House of Representatives on Friday passed the Equality Act in a historic milestone for the nation’s most comprehensive bill to protect LGBT rights. The 236–173 vote led by Democrats sends the measure to the Senate while leading Republicans to predict it will cause catastrophic gender-bending and gut religious exercise. Eight House Republicans voted for […]

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Bloomberg: U.S. House Passes First Climate Bill in Nearly a Decade

The House approved its first climate change bill in nearly a decade Thursday, legislation that would prevent President Donald Trump from making good on his vow to withdraw from an international agreement to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Approved by a 231-190 vote, H.R. 9 has little chance of passing the Republican-controlled Senate and has provoked a […]

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CNN: House votes to restore net neutrality rules

The House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a bill to restore net neutrality protections that were repealed by President Donald Trump’s Federal Communications Commission in a controversial move more than a year ago. The bill, called the Save the Internet Act, would reinstate protections that require internet service providers to treat all online content the same. […]

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New York Times: What Happens When Women Stop Leading Like Men

It has been another bad inning for male leadership. Besides the hourly flatulence of Trumpian twitterings and the addition of Brazil’s Bolsonaro to the confederacy of bullyboy power, we have been treated to a second wave of masculine mayhem. The reputations of the Patriots owner Robert Kraft, R. Kelly, the philanthropist Michael Steinhardt and even […]

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