Which Qevin McCarthy is leading Republicans?

No one knows. His views are so flexible one is led to believe the Republican Minority Leader was previously part of a gymnastics team.

On Trump’s Deadly Mob:
One day, he claims Trump “bears responsibility” for inspiring the insurrection that resulted in five American deaths. Another day, McCarthy says Trump “didn’t provoke” the deadly mob he instructed to “fight like hell.” And now, McCarthy believes Americans who didn’t attack the Capitol are to blame.

On the Internal Republican Disarray:
McCarthy, perhaps, thought it was a bold move to indirectly defend Liz Cheney from Elise Stefanik and those plotting to oust her. “Yes,” he abruptly responded when asked this week if he supported the Republican Conference Chair. Potentially concerned over a challenge to his leadership post, he suddenly distanced himself from Cheney, questioning her motives and cementing the prospect of more internal dysfunction.

We understand that Qevin McCarthy has “twisted himself into a pretzel.” But as days go by, we learn that it’s actually Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert and QAnon who control the Republican Conference that has failed the American people.