Washington Post: Republicans can’t make Nancy Pelosi the villain anymore

There are dumb, trivial stories, and then there’s the story of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to a hair salon, during which she apparently took her mask off her face while getting her hair washed. If you’re a consumer of conservative media, you would have thought this earth-shattering scandal was about as important as D-Day or the moon landing, such was the blanket coverage it received.

Your favorite Fox News hosts ranted about it. White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany began her Thursday briefing by vowing to play video of it on a loop for reporters, which she then did. Newt Gingrich wrote a column titled “Here’s why Pelosi’s blowout could lead to a blowout election,” on foxnews.com, vowing a “profound impact” on elections at all levels. At one point, 13 of the top-performing links on Facebook, and four of the top five, were about this urgent issue.

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