Pelosi Announces 2019 Record-Breaking Fundraising Haul

Washington, D.C. – In 2019, for the off-year of the election cycle, Speaker Nancy Pelosi raised over $87 million for Democrats, including over $75 million directly for the DCCC. She held 181 fundraising events in 54 unique cities. Pelosi surpassed her 2017 fundraising haul of $49.5 million by $37.6 million

Since entering the Democratic leadership in 2002, the Speaker has raised $815.5 million for Democrats.

“Speaker Pelosi’s significant record-breaking fundraising haul for 2019 is a direct reflection of voters’ rising enthusiasm to expand our House Democratic Majority that’s been delivering meaningful progress For The People, take back the Senate and elect a Democratic President,” said Jorge Aguilar, Speaker Pelosi’s Executive Director. “While Republicans continue to prioritize special interests and cover up Trump’s abuses of power, voters from across the country know that under Speaker Pelosi, House Democrats are aggressively working to lower prescription drug costs and fighting to protect people with pre-existing conditions.”

Background:To strengthen Democrats up and down the ballot, Speaker Pelosi traveled to 12 states to participate in fundraising efforts for State Parties, State Legislative Campaign Committees, and the Democratic National Committee.

For the DCCC’s digital program in 2019, Speaker Pelosi received an average of $22.16 from 336,284 email contributions, totaling $8,877,837.44 across multiple digital channels. 

For the DCCC’s direct mail program in 2019, Speaker Pelosi received an average of $44.05 from 344,851 contributions totaling $15,191,529.08.