The Root: Nancy Pelosi’s Playing 3-D Chess With a President Who Has Trouble with 4-Piece Puzzles

The U.S. president’s blind spot has always been women. The president is such a misogynist that he doesn’t believe that women are as capable, or strong and smart enough to outwit him, which is hilarious considering this is the same president that has trouble reading off a teleprompter.

Nevertheless, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has proven the perfect foil to President Trump as she’s been the face of Auntie Maxine Waters’ impeachment efforts. And on the evening of the House’s historic impeachment vote, Pelosi is denying the president’s push to have a speedy Senate trial and has instead decided that she may hold up a minute until fair rules are established for the proposed trial in the Senate, the Washington Post reports.

While Pelosi and the House brass are considering withholding the articles as leverage to force an honest trial, The Root has obtained exclusive footage of Pelosi typing out the articles of impeachment to send to the Senate.

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