Washington Post: ‘Makes going to work look easy’: Decades before she was House speaker, Nancy Pelosi had an even harder job

Last month, Nancy Corinne Prowda was watching television when her mother, Nancy Pelosi, came on the screen. Pelosi had disinvited President Trump from giving his State of the Union speech in the House while the government was shut down, and the president responded by effectively canceling her planned trip to a war zone. So, a reporter asked, was Trump trying to get revenge?

“I don’t think the president would be that petty,” Pelosi deadpanned. “Do you?”

Prowda immediately had flashbacks to her childhood. “I knew the face,” she says. It was the face that used to greet Prowda and her siblings if they had, say, skipped out on chores or sneaked into a movie they weren’t allowed to see. Pelosi’s reprimands were rarely loud, but often withering.

You children wouldn’t have done that, Pelosi would say. Calmly, knowingly.

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