Editorial Boards and Americans Overwhelming Reject Trump’s Fake Emergency

Editorial boards across the country and America’s southwest border have spoken – Trump’s call of a national emergency not only “didn’t need to” happen but they know it’s a fake emergency: 

  • Houston Chronicle Editorial (TEXAS):
    American presidents have repeatedly called national emergencies to protect democracy.

    Donald Trump may become the first to do it to undermine democracy — on our very own soil.

  • Santa Fe New Mexican Editorial (NEW MEXICO)
    Trump’s attempt to seize billions to build a wall that Congress has refused to pay for is an abuse of power, an attempt to take authority from Congress and invest it in an increasingly imperial presidency. 

    There is no “invasion” of the United States, despite Trump’s claims. There is no national emergency.

  • Arizona Daily Star Editorial (ARIZONA):
    Trump’s declaration of an emergency sets a dangerous precedent for the country, and it speaks to the hollowness of his agenda.

    Responding to these emergencies is far more important to our national safety than Trump’s wall could ever be.

  • San Diego Tribune Editorial (CALIFORNIA):

Trump’s assertion Friday that we are seeing “an invasion of our country with drugs, with human traffickers, with all types of criminals and gangs” is delusional.

the courts…must push back on the illicit power grab that Trump is using his declaration to justify…


It’s no wonder a new poll released yesterday underscores the #FakeTrumpEmergency for what it is: an unpopular naked power grab to distract people from Trump’s failure to deliver on his core campaign promise to get Mexico to pay for his border wall. 

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