USA Today: Exclusive: Nancy Pelosi vows ‘different world’ for Trump, no more ‘rubber stamp’ in new Congress

WASHINGTON – Nancy Pelosi, who took the gavel as House speaker Thursday, told USA TODAY in an exclusive interview that President Donald Trump can expect a “different world” from the first two years of his presidency when the GOP controlled both chambers of Congress.

The California Democrat plans to confront Trump on many fronts, from investigating the deaths of immigrant children in U.S. custody to demanding Trump’s tax returns and protecting special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Those clashes loom as Pelosi and her Democratic colleagues remain locked in a budget and border security battle with Trump that has left parts of the federal government shut for nearly two weeks.

The election of speaker was one of the first orders of business for the new Congress sworn in Thursday, when Democrats took control of the House for the first time in eight years.

Trump warned that investigations of him and his administration would lead to a “war-like posture” in Washington. The new speaker made clear she won’t shrink from a fight.

“He was used to serving with a Republican Congress, House and Senate that was a rubber stamp to him. That won’t be the case,” Pelosi said in the USA TODAY interview just before the holidays. “Oversight of government by the Congress is our responsibility.

“That’s the role that we play.”

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