San Francisco Chronicle: In SF, a warm welcome home for newly elected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Team Pelosi was out in full force on Sunday, quite literally — those words were printed on the pins worn by several hundred supporters, campaign volunteers, Democratic Party officials and local politicians who welcomed back newly elected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to her home district of San Francisco.

Pelosi, the only woman to serve as House speaker, did not disappoint. At a “community swearing-in ceremony” and reception at the Delancey Street Foundation, she told a cheering, ebullient crowd that House Democrats plan to introduce gun safety legislation, the Dream Act to give undocumented young adults who came to the country as children a pathway to citizenship, and the Equality Act to bar discrimination against LGBTQ individuals.

She also addressed the government shutdown, which is in its third week, saying House Democrats plan to pass individual bills to reopen federal agencies so Americans can receive tax refunds and food stamps.

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