Dozens of Leading National Advocacy Organizations Endorse Nancy Pelosi for Speaker

As Democrats move to achieve their bold agenda to lower health care costs, increase workers’ pay and clean up corruption in Washington, over 30 leading groups – from labor, health care, environmental, gun reform and more – have come out strongly in support of Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House. The organizations conclude: Leader Pelosi is a proven, battle-tested leader whose track record has delivered, and will continue to deliver, results For The People.


“Nancy Pelosi has always been an effective advocate for working families as a leader of her party and I’m confident she will continue as such in the new Congress.”


“I value your constant leadership on behalf of working families across this nation and support your continued leadership as Speaker of the House, as together we confront many of the gravest challenges of our times…. AFSCME stands with you.”


“SEIU supports your continued leadership as Speaker of the House and is eager for the opportunity to work with you and all of Congress to create an economy and democracy that works for all of us, not just the wealthy special interests.”

United Farm Workers

“In the face of presidential and congressional hostility toward immigrants, Nancy Pelosi stands out for her willingness to fight on everyone’s behalf. After eight years of animosity against immigrants in the House of Representatives, last week’s elections give us a chance to elect a champion as Speaker.”

American Federation of Teachers

“When you look at the situation right now, today there is no candidate that is better than Nancy Pelosi. Unequivocally, we support her.”

National Education Association

“Nancy Pelosi is a proven, effective Speaker and that’s what this moment calls for. We join her in fighting for students, educators and working families.”

United Steelworkers

“Nancy Pelosi has the support of working people, and deserves the support of the Democratic Caucus as it chooses its candidate to be the next Speaker of the House.”

Communications Workers of America

“During your term as Speaker whenever you addressed a gathering of CWA members, and since, you have been greeted with the chant ‘Best Speaker ever.’… we can think of no one better to serve as Speaker of the House when the next Congress convenes in January.”

Air Line Pilots Association, American Federation of Government Employees, United Auto Workers, United Brotherhood of Carpenters, United Food and Commercial Workers, and National Association of Letter Carriers

“Throughout your career, you have been an unquestioned champion for the interests of working men and women and their families, and we are confident that we will have much in common to work on beginning in January… We can think of no one better suited to be Speaker at this critical moment in history. We stand ready to work with you and the entire Congress on behalf of the tens of millions of working men and women and their families who are looking to us, and to you, to address their critical concerns.”

International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU)

“Leader Pelosi’s commitment to advancing the interests of labor is resilient and unbreakable.”

San Francisco Building & Construction Trades Council

“Nancy Pelosi’s leadership and organizing skills during these difficult times has been a model for the Democratic Party and the labor movement. The House of Representatives is now Democratic because of her leadership and to change the reins now would be irresponsible.”

Brady Campaign

“She has our complete, unqualified support, and we look forward to working with Speaker Pelosi to advance a gun violence prevention agenda in Congress.”

Moms Demand Action

“There is no other lawmaker who whips the votes, fundraises and leads like Nancy Pelosi. I’m looking forward to calling her Madam Speaker again.”

Giffords: Courage to Fight Gun Violence

“As an advocate for gun violence prevention, she has no equal. I was honored to serve alongside her and look forward to calling her Madam Speaker.”


“Now more than ever, we need strong leaders who will fight passionately to defend and proactively expand our rights. That’s Nancy Pelosi. We are proud to support her and look forward to working hand in hand together in the fight for gender equity and reproductive freedom.”

Feminist Majority

“Nancy Pelosi is a role model who knows every issue from A to Z, and always stands for the people. She has our unequivocal support to serve as the next Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.”


“Nancy Pelosi [is] the most effective, selfless, dedicated fantastic role model…”

Emily’s List

“Nancy Pelosi is a brilliant person whose campaigning prowess helped secure a House victory…The Democratic Party is so lucky to have her.”

Planned Parenthood

“Thanks to Leader Nancy Pelosi for always being one of our greatest champions for women’s health care and rights.”

National Women’s Political Caucus

“Nancy Pelosi has the skill and the leadership ability to have Congress re-assert itself in its constitutional role of providing checks and balances over the executive…a role that Congress has abandoned for the past two years…”

Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, Moms Rising

“I’ve seen her fight so brilliantly for women, children, families, and our economy – and I’ve seen her win against all odds.”

Little Lobbyists

“Nancy Pelosi is THE reason the ACA passed. Her leadership last year ensured that NO Dems voted for repeal or for the tax bill. Her focus on health care is why we won back the House. She’s the best & we need her to lead us right now.”

Protect Our Care

“No one is better prepared to lead a united Democratic caucus in protecting and improving American health care than Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.”

National Union of Healthcare Workers

“The National Union of Healthcare Workers stands in full support of electing Rep. Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. We have seen firsthand Rep. Pelosi’s commitment to working people…She has always been a strong ally and effective leader on behalf of NUHW members.”

Health Care Voter

“She made access to health care a priority and I am proud to support her bid for Speaker of the House.”

End Citizens United

“We’re so proud to endorse Leader Pelosi for Speaker of the House. She will work to restore Americans’ confidence in our government and put the interests of PEOPLE ahead of special interests.”

People For the American Way

“Last time Nancy Pelosi held the Speakers’ gavel, she led the most productive, progressive Congress since the New Deal. PFAW believes there is no one better to lead the House as we stand up to Trump and his ugly, extreme agenda.”

Demand Justice

“Nancy Pelosi has been in the trenches with us in the fight against Trump’s assault on the rule of law. Demand Justice is proud to support her bid to be our next Speaker of the House.”

Human Rights Campaign (HRC)

“She’s been a champion for LGBTQ equality over a lifetime in public service and we need her leadership now more than ever to pass the Equality Act.”

100+ LGBTQ Advocates & Leaders

“We encourage Democratic House Members to support Leader Pelosi in her bid for Speaker and hope that these Members, whether they be new to Capitol Hill or not, embrace and emulate Leader Pelosi’s tireless work on behalf of the LGBTQ community.”

Equality California

“In order to achieve the results that LGBTQ Californians, our allies and all Americans deserve, we strongly believe that the House must elect a Speaker with vision, experience and a deep commitment to both our California values and our shared values as Americans. That leader is Nancy Pelosi.”


“TeamLPAC stands with Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House…”

League of Conservation Voters

“Nancy Pelosi was the most pro-environment Speaker of the House in our nation’s history, including making climate action a top priority. We look forward to working with her as the next Speaker of the House.”

NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice

“I urge all members of Congress to support Leader Pelosi for Speaker”

Bend the Arc

“She has been and will be an effective champion for the issues and values that matter to our community and allies.”


“We strongly support and call on all members of the Democratic caucus to support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker. Were it not for her skilled and effective leadership, the ACA would not be law today.”


“Through fights like passing the ACA, Nancy Pelosi has shown to be a strong and progressive leader, and we shouldn’t let a small group of white, moderate men sabotage her. We support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House.”

Tax March

“Tax March is unequivocally proud to endorse Nancy Pelosi as our country’s next Speaker of the House… No one is better equipped than Nancy Pelosi to undo the damage Republicans have caused on our economy, stop the corruption that led to this disastrous tax law, and put working families first.”

Ady Barkan

“I’m excited to endorse @NancyPelosi for Speaker of the House of Representatives…The chief opposition to her leadership is coming from a small group of centrist white male Democrats. If they succeed in defeating her, we will likely end up with someone significantly more conservative. That would be a major loss for our movement.”

J Street

“Nancy Pelosi has proven herself to be a true friend to the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement. As Speaker of the House and Democratic Leader, she has been a champion of diplomacy and a powerful advocate for proactive and principled American leadership on the world stage. As a newly-elected House of Representatives prepares to act as a check on President Trump’s dangerous agenda both overseas and at home, we need her leadership now more than ever.”


“Throughout her tenure in Congress, Leader Pelosi has been a supporter of, and advocate for, the Latino community and our concerns, including the long fight for comprehensive immigration reform. To date, the only time the Congress has been able to pass a DREAM Act was during Nancy Pelosi’s previous tenure as Speaker of the House. This is a moment that requires a leader who can unify the party to hold the Trump Administration accountable. Simply put, our community and our country need a speaker like Nancy Pelosi to protect and defend the hard-fought progress we have made…”

International Association of Fire Fighters

“[Nancy Pelosi’s] support for our nation’s professional firefighters and paramedics has been constant and unflinching through her entire career in public service. With that in mind, the International Association of Fire Fighters proudly stands with you now to, once again, become the Speaker of the House of Representatives.”