Politico: Pelosi details her plans for House majority

PHILADELPHIA — Rep. Nancy Pelosi is laser-focused.

With 21 days until the midterm elections, the California Democrat and House minority leader is crisscrossing the country fundraising and rallying the Democratic troops, all while plotting her return to the speakership.

Electing more women is central to Pelosi’s mission. Of the 84 “Red to Blue” candidates whom Democrats see as top pickups in races to win the House majority, female Democratic candidates are running in 43 of them.

“It’s not a zero-sum game,” she said in an interview, talking about the need to add more women to the ranks of Congress. “We should celebrate the success because that opens another door.”

Of course, Pelosi was here in 1992, the last “Year of the Woman” election. But since then the number of women serving in Congress hasn’t grown exponentially. Pelosi is hoping to take advantage of the groundswell of Democratic women getting more politically active — both in contributing to candidates and in running for office — to change that. Now, she said, “is the time women will cross the threshold. … There is nothing more wholesome in America than increased participation of women.”

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