Real Clear Politics: The Case for Nancy Pelosi

More than 40 Democratic nominees for House seats, and another 11 Democratic incumbents, have publicly said they don’t want Rep. Nancy Pelosi to regain the speaker’s gavel if their party wins control of the chamber.

But they can’t give a good reason why.

Both the New York Times and NBC News recently cataloged the comments of Pelosi’s intra-party critics. Almost no one has a complaint about a policy position, strategic decision or style of management. “It’s time for new leadership” is the most common refrain, sometimes linked to a lament that “Washington is broken.”

Still, no one can articulate what Pelosi did to break it. Pelosi is generally regarded by both supporters and critics as an effective legislator and a steely negotiator, not a source of Beltway dysfunction.

Whatever the failings of the current 115th Congress, none of them rest on Pelosi’s shoulders. All she has done is keep her own caucus unified, putting pressure on the Republican majority to deliver on its own promises.

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