Miami Herald: Pelosi’s been good for the Democrats. Don’t toss her out without a back-up plan.

NBC reported recently that 42 of the party’s nominees for House seats and nine incumbent Democratic lawmakers won’t back Nancy Pelosi for speaker if the Democrats regain the House of Representatives this fall. Should she step aside for the good of her party? Here are five reasons it would be a mistake for Democrats.

First, Nancy Pelosi is one of the best fundraisers the Democrats have ever had, and that’s important when you have as many close House contests as there are this year. Pelosi raised almost $50 million for Democrats in 2017. She’s raised $700 million since she joined the Democratic leadership team in 2002, and her fundraising prowess is impressive again this year. Her tireless fundraising could give many Democratic candidates the boost they need to win this fall.

Second, she’s a woman. Voting or easing out the top elected Democratic official in the year of the pink wave would be an embarrassment to the party that prides itself on being a staunch advocate for women. It is one thing to have disagreements about the direction of the party, but it is quite another to throw your top leader, the first female speaker of the House, out. She’s led her party for the last 15 years.

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