Esquire: You Want Nancy Pelosi Out? Find Somebody Better.

All right, if we must, let’s talk about Nancy Pelosi. She is in the unenviable position of being both the perfect target for the lower forms of algae who comprise the Republican base and the people who pander to them, as well as being one of the Democrats’ most formidable fundraisers and (perhaps) the greatest Democratic legislative leader since Sam Rayburn and Lyndon Johnson. Texans, as the traitor R.E. Lee once said, always move them.

So there is more than a little talk of replacing her as a potential Speaker if her party retakes the majority in the House in November. But we must have some parameters for our discussion, so here they are:

1) This is not an excuse to re-litigate the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries. Get over yourselves.

2) “We need new blood” is not, in and of itself, dispositive, in that it’s one of those things on which Democrats tie themselves in knots while Republicans are perfectly willing to leave the Senate Judiciary Committee in the hands of Chuck Grassley, who is 236 years old.

3) We have to have a good-faith stipulation of Pelosi’s not inconsiderable accomplishments.

For example, not a single Democratic member of the House voted for any of the schemes to repeal the Affordable Care Act, nor for the ludicrous tax package that the president* signed into law. Red state, blue stateā€”in the House, it didn’t matter, because Nancy Pelosi held her caucus together. That takes a kind of otherworldly political skill, considering that Chuck Schumer is forever calculating which of his senators he can afford to lose while waiting patiently for Susan Collins to sell someone out again.

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