KCCI: Nancy Pelosi advocates for voter turnout during Polk County Democrats Spring Dinner

Minority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, spoke at the Polk County Democrats Spring Dinner in downtown Des Moines Sunday.

Rep. Pelosi and other members of Congress who spoke at the event said winning midterm elections in November is the Democrat’s top priority.

“Governors, state legislators, Congress, Senate- it’s very important path to victory,” said Rep. Pelosi.

Republicans have control over the Iowa House and Senate as well the governor’s office.

“It’s a lot of small droplets of water. This is not going to be big margins. This is going to be small margins in many places,” said Rep. Pelosi.

Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa, Jeff Kaufmann, criticized Iowa Democrats for bringing in ‘multi-millionaires’ from California.

Kaufmann said California Democrats like Pelosi have no business speaking in Iowa.

“Is there anyone that believes that anyone in rural Iowa or small-town Iowa or suburban Iowa or even in this capital city have anything to do with Nancy Pelosi,” said Kaufmann.

When asked if there was a difference between California multi-millionaires and President Donald Trump, a New York billionaire, Kaufmann said the difference is the public voted for President Trump.

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