Family of Harvey Milk Endorses Nancy Pelosi’s Re-Election to Congress

San Francisco – Today, Stuart Milk, Nephew of Harvey Milk and spokesperson for Harvey’s family, released the following statement endorsing Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (CA-12) for re-election:

“Having the distinct honor to represent the Milk family in support of the great, progressive legacy of Uncle Harvey both here in the U.S. and abroad – I have always taken significant care and safeguarding with that privilege. It is in that spirit, with reflective and forward-looking eyes, that I, on behalf of the entire Milk Family, unequivocally support the reelection of House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi as Congresswoman of California’s 12th District.

“There is no leader who has and continues to stand with and behind the legacy of Harvey Milk more, nor to provide that essential Harvey factor – hope – hope for all in our community both in the U.S. and across the world. Leader Pelosi’s incredible work, passion and tenacity have proven she has never forgotten the “Us’s”, as Uncle Harvey would say, for whom she is constantly fighting.

“We have seen, first-hand, the historic progress we have made under the leadership that Nancy Pelosi yields in the public view here in America, but I have also been privileged to see the unmatched back channel leadership that the Leader provides for the global community that often means the difference between hope and disenfranchisement. Her energy, her intelligence, her judgment, and her unrivaled understanding of those who are the most vulnerable is always there for us, not for praise or recognition – she is simply there as our champion. From standing alongside Uncle Harvey with the longshoremen many years ago, to recently meeting with vulnerable Eastern European LGBT activists, out of the public view, she understands why and what’s at stake in our collective struggle.

“We have seen so much progress on the change that Uncle Harvey had dreamed of, and for which Leader Pelosi has and continues to successfully champion. We have seen what progress looks like: Just ask the Navy sailor who proudly serves our country while holding the hand of the husband he loves; Just ask the young trans anti-violence activist who understands that sexual orientation and gender identity are now protected under our national anti-hate crime law. The list of Nancy Pelosi-led accomplishments and their real impact for our community is long, however they also are a clear indicator of what the future can hold, at this critical time, with Leader Pelosi as our experienced champion.”