Germantown Courier: Nancy Pelosi addresses economic issues at Philadelphia forum

CENTER CITY >> For those in Northwest Philadelphia who are seeking one place of employment to replace working multiple jobs, who need higher wages or who are among the long-term unemployed, U.S. Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi is saying to just hold on.

“Right after the Fourth of July, we will be rolling out a new economic package,” Pelosi said during a news conference alongside Second District Congressman Dwight Evans, of West Oak Lane.

She said she was aware of the fact that American workers needed to raise their economic standards. This, she said, would further stimulate the economy.

“Working families are good for the economy,” Pelosi said. “It is the middle class’ economic strength of working families that keeps the economy rolling. That’s why we will be rolling out our economic agenda of what we, as Democrats, will do now. This is a new agenda.”

The remarks came after a Women’s Roundtable Discussion hosted by the Food Trust in Center City Monday, June 26. Female elected officials, nonprofit leaders and private sector advocates had a discussion. Among them were panelist Ninth District Councilwoman Cherelle L. Parker, of Mt. Airy, and audience member State Rep. Isabella Fitzgerald, of West Oak Lane.

The discussion, which was closed to the media, was held at the Food Trust in Center City. The opening remarks, however, were on the record.

In the welcoming remarks, Yael Lehmann, director of The Food Trust, commended Evans for his efforts while a state representative in addressing the “food desert” in inner city neighborhoods. Bringing supermarkets that sold organic and fresh produce helped residents to eat healthier, she said.

Pelosi commended The Food Trust for being “a national model” in helping those who need food to receive it. She said they were heeding “the biblical call to feed the hungry” and they were among those who “are following the gospel.”

“The government plays a major role in addressing food insecurity,” Evans said after the session. He also said having health care goes hand in hand with nutritious food to ensure that Pennsylvanians are healthy.

After the half-hour closed session, Pelosi held a press conference alongside Evans in which she answered questions relating to the Affordable Care Act repeal efforts, why she is not stepping down from her post and the Supreme Court announcement regarding immigration rules that was announced nationally while The Food Trust session was going on. Finally, Pelosi addressed jobs.

It was in 2011 that former President Barack Obama introduced the American Jobs Act, which he hoped would garner bipartisan support. The purpose was to get more workers back in the workplace and to put more money in their pockets without adding to the deficit. Included among the investments to rebuild the job market were a proposed $5 billion of investments for facilities modernizations at community colleges and a $15 billion effort to put construction workers on the job rehabilitating and refurbishing foreclosed homes and businesses as well as schools. There were also investments for highway and transit modernization projects as well as $35 billion to prevent teacher layoffs and keep police, firefighters and first responders on the job.

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